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Digital Rental Concierge

Sit back & let us do all the leg work to find your dream apartment.
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What is a Rental Concierge?

The Ryna Rental Concierge caters to busy renters who are exhausted from sifting through endless listings, encountering unresponsive landlords and scams, navigating complex rental regulations, and struggling to identify the ideal building/neighbourhood for their lifestyle needs.

We will serve as your personal concierge, assisting you with every aspect of the rental process, including selecting the most suitable listings, scheduling tours, roommate-matching, submitting applications, signing lease agreements, and providing ongoing support.

How This Works

Renting should be easy. Here is how we do it.
1. Sign Up

First sign up with Ryna! From your sign up form we collect some basic info to get the process started.

2. Refinement

Ryna will aggregate listings from existing marketplaces to recommend the top six listings for you each day.

3. Selection

Ryna will share six options each day based on your criteria and rank them to as selection and as feedback.

4. Submission

You submit your documents as we prepare to start the application process to your top selections.

5. Application

Once 5 rentals are selected, Ryna will facilitate document submission, agreement of terms and lease signing.

6. Onboarding

Ryna will onboard you to our payment platform and provide you with further steps for move in.


Initial Fees - $100 upon sign up. When you secured an apartment, the $100 will be applied to your first month rent.
Monthly Service Fee - Included in your monthly rent.

REfund POlicy

Within 7 days, full refund
Within14 days, 50% refund
After 14 days, no refund

About Us

Ryna is a revolutionary housing platform for the next generation of renters. We simplify the rental process by using AI to match you with the perfect living solution, whether you're searching for a room in a shared apartment, a short-term sublet, or a cost-effective place to call home.

Our tool scours online rental marketplaces to find the best options for you. Our platform streamlines the rental process, verifies rental listings, simplifies your communication with your landlord, make rent payments and provide concierge supports all in one place.


To create a personalized renting experience that prioritizes attainability, reliability and flexibility.

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e: hello@theryna.com
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